“I’ll take the ghost’s word for a thousand pound.” (Hamlet: 3.2.276-277)

After witnessing Claudius’ reaction to the play within the play throughout in Act III, scene 2, Hamlet cries out to his trusted friend Horatio: “I’ll take the ghost’s word for a thousand pound” (3.2.276-277).

Predict what Hamlet will do next.

(minimum two-chunk paragraph)

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UPDATE 4/12/12:
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  1. pretty sure this is where i leave my paragraph for the “what will hamlet do” sorry to post so late i tried to print it in class and it didnt work and i just remembered to post now.


    Hamlet, after planting the new lines in the play the actors were presenting to his family and friends now believes it was his uncle who killed his father. Though out the play Claudius proved to be uncomfortable. I don’t think the fight between Claudius and Hamlet is over just yet. Now that Hamlet embarrassed him and proved to him that he knew about the murder, I believe he will be even more persistent to prove to everyone else that Claudius did indeed murder his father. The King seemed so agitated at the end of the play that he even stood up and stated, “Give me some light. Away. (172). This proves that the king felt so uncomfortable that he had to leave the room and get away from everyone. I think this is a sign of him admitting he did it and does not want others to pin point the murder on him. Now that Hamlet saw this behavior he will be wanting more then ever to put this man in his place and have him apologize for his wrong doing.


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